One Challenge

Challenge Yourself

It's the first big competition of case studies organized by two partnering organizations, BEST Lisbon and NEEGI.

4-7 June


Prize pool: 1000€

Case study competition

By engaging in this competition, you will have the opportunity to develop your analytical skills and show your problem-solving abilities to a board of jurors from Mastercard, Askblue and IST professors.

Event logistics

The event will be composed of one workshop session about solving case studies and two case studies with a time limit of 5 hours. For each case study, the team will have to send a video of 5 minutes at most and a presentation with their solution which will be evaluated. Only the 6 best teams, according to the video evaluation, will pass to the final stage and have the opportunity to make a full presentation to the juror's panel!

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1st Case Study
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2nd Case Study
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Only IST students can apply.
Each team has 4 members.
We can't guarantee that we can fit you in a team, but you can apply and possibly merge with other people that don't have 4 members.
You need to submit the form linked above in the time counter between the 13th and 28th of May.
You need to make a deposit of 5 euros to ensure your participation. The money will be refunded after the competition.
You can send with mb way or bank deposit to 961 221 336 and the NIB 0033 0000 45502151466 05, respectively.
The selection will be done considering each participant CV.
Every team member has to submit his CV.

1st place: 450€

2nd place: 250€

3rd place: 100€

Best from each case study individually (can accumulate): 100€ each

In case of any doubts contact
The presentations and videos will be in English. But the event itself and the workshop session will be in Portuguese.

Meet our Team!

Tiago Saraiva

Main Organizer

Miguel Cabral

Main Organizer

João Dias

Design Responsible

Mariana Simões

PR Responsible

Rodrigo Trindade

IT Responsible

Diogo Matos

CR Responsible

Inês Serol

CR Responsible