What is LEoE?

LEoE (Local Event on Education) is an event that promotes talks regarding education, sharing thoughts and ideias, among students, teachers and companies' representatives.

Next year IST will adopt a new teaching method ( MEPP (Modelo de Ensino e Práticas Pedagógicas)) and FCUL a new evaluation method (Regulamento de Avaliação de Conhecimentos), that's why on this edition, happening on the 27th and 28th of April, two of these changes will be the topic of the discussions: "Insertion of curricular units with a humanistic component (HAAS) in the curriculum” and the “Teaching organization with a focus on continuous work”.

Due to the current circumstances, this edition of the event will be held fully online.

LEoE's importance

It promotes debates between the students and the companies' and universities' representatives.

It promotes the development of skills such as creactivity, communication and critical thinking.

It's an opportunity to better get to know and clarify any doubts regarding the changes to the teaching method ( MEPP)!

Both IST and FCUL will participate in the event.

It's an opportunity for the students to express their opinions and make a difference on their own education.

The outcomes reached in the event will be made public in the final report.

Discussion Panel

Humanity, Arts and social sciences (HASS)

Ana Tostões

Professora IST

Henrique Oliveira

Professor IST

Manuel Prieto

Ex-Professor IST

João Telhada

Professor FCUL

Rodrigo Carvalho

Watermelon (Alumni IST)

Paulo Marques

Slefty (Alumni IST)

Continuous Evaluation

Ana Cajada

Arquiconsult (Alumni IST)

Francisca Canais

Nevaro (Alumni FCUL)

Rita Maçorano

Nevaro (Alumni FCUL)

Hugo Silva

Professor IST

Manuel Sardinha

Professor IST

Moisés Pinto

Professor IST

Nuno Roma

Professor IST

Nuno Matela

Professor FCUL

Activities plan

Frequently Asked Questions

LEoE is an event open to all currently enrolled students in STEM courses at Universidade de Lisboa (IST, FCUL e FFUL).
LEoE is a free event but you'll have to do a 3€ deposit in order to guarantee your participation. The deposit will be returned at the end of the event according to regulations.

The participants will be selected according to criteria defined by the organization that is present in event's regulation, which you can find here.

If you have any doubts or problem you can reach out to us by sending an email to leoe@best.ist.utl.pt.

The organization suggests to participate in the two days of the event in order to become the debate more informative and fluid. In spite of thay, it is possible to select in the sign-up form only one of the days of LEoE.

The deposit fee should be done by MBWay or sent to account "Grupo Local BEST Lisboa". The details necessary to pay the deposit fee are available in sign-up form here.

Consult here the Regulations! 

Meet our team!

Leonor Godinho

Main Organiser

Rita Magalhães

Academics Responsible

Beatriz Vale

Public Relations Responsible

Duarte Malveiro

Design Responsible

Duarte Costa

Information Technology Responsible

Diana Castaneda

Participants Responsible