EBEC challenge
EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) Challenge is one of the biggest engineering competitions in Europe organized by BEST Lisbon.
In 24 hours, the teams have to solve a challenge proposed from one of 2 categories: the Case Study and the Innovative Design.
Compete in Mini Competitions during the 24h of the event and get bonus points for your team!
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Enjoy finding theoretical solutions to real life engineering problems? The CASE STUDY category is made for YOU!
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In 24 hours, the teams have to come up with a possible strategy to solve the technological problem proposed by our sponsors.
Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have the necessary expertise, the problems are supposed to be solved with existing technology and you’ll have numerous research tools available to you!

Main Sponsor:

Prof. Manuel Guedes
Teacher at IST
Prof. Rodrigo Proença de Oliveira
Teacher at IST
Prof. Helena Ramos
Teacher at IST
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Feel like taking a more practical approach to solving our challenges? Try our Innovative Design category!
You’ll have to use your creativity and knowledge to come up with new technologies or improve existing ones in only 24 hours.
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All the teams will have to prepare a presentation to the jury that must demonstrate the technical, social, environmental, and economic impact of their idea.
Prof. Marco Leite
Teacher at IST
Prof. Miguel Amaral
Teacher at IST
Prof. António Campos
Teacher at IST

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EBEC challenge

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