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What is BITE?

BITE (Best Innovation and Technology Experience) is an engineering competition organized by BEST Lisbon and aimed at college students. It challenges participant teams to compete for 24 hours in one of 2 categories, an IT Challenge or a Case Study.

This way, each team can choose between putting their coding skills to test or coming up with new solutions to a real life problem.

During the week leading up to the event, there will be many workshops where competitors can develop their hard and soft skills as preparation for the event.
Check out our timeline!


We prepared an incredible survival guide to support you,
along with some regulations for the challenge. Check them out!

regulations & survival guide

Case Study

In this category, each team is challenged to find a solution to a real life engineering problem. Once the problem is presented, participants have 24 hours to find a possible strategy to solve it through the rigorous study and analysis of existing technology.
There will be multiple research tools available, so, if you suit this category, apply here!

case study

IT Challenge

In this category, participant teams are also challenged with a problem that has to be solved in 24 hours. In this case, instead of looking for theoretical solutions, the teams tackle the problem directly by developing their own software and using their innovation and coding skills.
If this category suits your taste better, apply here!

it challenge

If you applied for the IT Challenge, you can now check the evaluation criteria as well as some helpful FAQs! Make sure to also keep an eye out for our creative hub, which will be available right after the opening ceremony!

seta timeline


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