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BEST Inside View

A chance for the students to contact their future.

BEST Inside View is a job shadowing and mentoring event, in which a college student follows an engineer working in his/her area of personal interest for an entire day, closely observing their daily routine.
This event's goal is not only to help students understand what professional options are available for them but also the roles they may perform in the future: all this comes to strengthen the link between college students and the job market.
Through this iniciative, the student gets to understand a little better the way the company works: the working methods, their structure and organization. On the other hand, the visited company gets a bigger exposure to the academic community and a closer contact to the participants.

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BEST Lisbon

One of the 13 founding members of BEST.

Our original goal was to give technology students the opportunity to engage internationally through an European students organization. Our dynamics allows us to be in frequent contact with students, universities and companies.
Our activity is developed for the benefit of technology students, and the responsiveness given by them encourages us to accept ambitious challenges and motivates us to innovate.
Because we are constantly evolving, we seek to grow with companies and universities in order to be able to develop projects that meet the interests of students.

Participating companies (2017/2018)

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About BIV 17/18

  • What I offer is a completely different view from the current one as regards the job possibilities associated to engineering courses; to show that there is still a reductive vision of what an engineer can do, when in reality you can see an endless amount of possibilities if you're not afraid to look through the window instead of the door lock.
  • I joined BEST two years ago and I became acquainted with BEST Inside View right away! I became responsible for all the logistics for the opening cerimony and networking session and it was truly enriching. The best part is that BEST Inside View is an event that is genuinely dedicated to students and their needs as future successful professionals. It is awesome to contribute and have that impact on students' academic path.

Associação Cultural Moinho da Juventude

BEST Lisboa

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1st Edition

The first edition, done in 2012, turned out to be grear success. This edition had 1085 registrations, of which 185 were chosen to participate in the 69 proposals done by 28 companies.

It definitely was one of the biggest events that a students' association had ever done in Instituto Superior Técnico. This means that IST students are curious and expectant about the future!

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2nd Edition

The second edition, done in 2013, turned out another success!

There were 740 registrations done, of which 220 were chosen to participate in 85 proposals done by 28 companies.

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3rd Edition

The third edition, done in 2014, followed up the two previous editions.

There were 193 participants in proposals done by 27 companies.

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4th Edition

The fourth edition, done in 2015, was another great accomplishment.
More than 300 students applied to the 220 vacancies in the 24 participating companies.

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5th Edition

The fifth edition of BEST Inside View was restructured: with a view to a better bet on the mentoring concept, BEST Lisbon promoted a narrower conection between students and engineers.

There were 56 companies in the event, who presented 107 proposals in diversified areas, who welcomed about 210 students from Instituto Superior Técnico and Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa for a whole day of work.

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6th Edition

The sixth edition of BEST Inside View started on 24/11/2016 with the Opening Cerimony in the Salão Nobre of Instituto Superior Técnico.

The registrations period started officially on that day and were extended until 29/01/2017. During this period, there were a total of 248 registrations in 67 different companies.

As soon as the placement results were announced, each student could reach the company to establish his/her Inside Day.

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7th Edition

The seventh edition do BEST Inside View will officially start on 23/11/2017 with the Opening Cerimony that will take place in the Salão Nobre of Instituto Superior Técnico. Right after it, there will be a networking session where students can get in touch with the companies and the opportunities that they bring to the event!

The registration period will be extended until 26/01/2018.

When the registration results are announced, you can get in touch with the company that you'll visit and establish your own Inside Day!

You can consult the event's regulation here if you're an IST student and here if you're a FCUL/FFUL student.


Ivo Carrilho

Main Organiser

Rodrigo Fernandes

Corporate Team

Catarina Fernandez

Public Relations Team

Bruna Henriques

Marketing Team

Manuel Lopes

Marketing Team

Nélio Candelária

Information Technology Responsible