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BEST, Board of European Students of Technology, is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization in constant growth. It currently consists of 95 Local BEST Groups in 33 countries who work and strive to maintain a well-organized, young, innovative and increasingly influential student association. More than an association that promotes and carries out activities for students, BEST has as objective the strengthening of links between the BEST triangle: universities, students and businesses.

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BEST Lisbon

One of the 13 founding members of BEST

Our original goal was to give technology students the opportunity to engage internationally through an European students organization.
Our dynamics allows us to be in frequent contact with students, universities and companies.
Our activity is developed for the benefit of technology students, and the responsiveness given by them encourages us to accept ambitious challenges and motivates us to innovate. Because we are constantly evolving, we seek to grow with companies and universities in order to be able to develop projects that meet the interests of students.

European BEST Engineering Competition

The EBEC, European BEST Engineering Competition is one of Europe's biggest engineering competitions. This event is known for its continuous 24-hour format, in which participants are tested in one of the two existing categories: Team Design and Case Study. In the category of Team Design, each team must solve a technical challenge by constructing a prototype with limited time and resources. At the end of the competition, the team with the best solution for and portotype is declared the winner. The category of Case Study consists of the presentation of creative and innovative solutions to technical or management problems in limited time.

The winners of the local phase of each country, in our case the EBEC Lisbon, go on to the 2nd phase - the national competition (Portugal). Finally, the winners of this phase will meet in a European city for the final, which will decide the ultimate winners.

BEST Inside View

BEST Inside View is a pioneer initiative organised by BEST Lisbon, in collaboration with Instituto Superior Técnico and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. The project, inspired by the job shadowing concept, allows students to join a professional from their area throughout a work day, watching their daily routine closely. This project shows the students what they might do when they enter the job market.

The youth of Riga is making responsible lifestyle popular

This summer from the 12th to 21st of July, 32 young people from Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal met in Riga to participate in a youth exchange program “Orange Lifestyle”, organized by the student organization BEST-Riga of RTU.

Goal of the exchange program was to emphasize: responsible lifestyle in society, stressing healthy and active lifestyle; the influence on nature, which the individual makes; and recyclable, reusable materials, aimed at sustainable growth.

During the event a workshop was made, in which the participants exchanged ideas about how to effectively reuse materials. As a result, grocery bags of old shirts, cardboard chairs, various interior elements, and even a PET bottle broom were made. The exhibition of goods made and the descriptions about them (including products used for creation and the process of making them) took place till the end of September at the Faculty of Architecture and urban planning on the second floor, at the premises of institute of design and technologies.

The exhibition was created by technology students of different European Universities, hoping to inspire young people to think and create practical things, instead of mindlessly disposing them.

One of the main goals of the program was to draw attention of society to conscious lifestyle and how easy it actually is to recycle waste; eat healthy and do sports; rest outdoors; and even plant trees. The participants collected their impressions in a video, which can be viewed here. In the short film we represent that every person’s action affects the environment and the well-being of others, either in good or bad way. We encourage you to think about it just a few minutes per day by: not wasting water; throwing out garbage in special containers, not on the street; eating food which is good for you; and doing sports on a regular basis, as well as relaxing with your friends.

At the time of the project participants had the chance to dwell on the idea of impact made by an individual on nature in an unusual way – by testing their strength and skills in the adventure park “Meža kakis”. By overcoming obstacle courses placed on top of trees, the attendants quickly realized, that forest resources could be used without harming any trees and the environment itself. They continued the “cooperation” with the forest by planting 28 new fir trees; and later on agreed in their discussion, that they will try to find new, untraditional ways to spend their free time and have fun, while preserving woods and their surroundings.

Throughout the event the attention was also brought to the effects a healthy diet and active lifestyle has on the environment and the individual themselves. Cooperating with IBI Fitness Latvia the youth had a chance to test their endurance in the “PAKApiens” city race, where in a sporty, unusual way, they were able to see Riga, discuss the pyramid of healthy eating, and make a wholesome meal themselves. During the event participants also conducted research of carbon dioxide produced by each person, which was determined with the calculation of the “ecological footprint”. A video popularizing deliberate lifestyle was also made.

The topic of the project is relevant, because ecological problems influence all of us. As a result of everyday actions more resources are wasted than should be, air and water is polluted, garbage is managed foolishly, and an unhealthy diet as well as passive lifestyle has a negative effect on our body. The participants of the project proved that even a single individual or a small group can do a lot to increase the overall prosperity, make a positive impact on nature. It can be achieved with simple everyday actions, thus proving that living consciously can be interesting and uncomplicated.

Each of the participating countries is organizing youth exchange in their country, and taking part in the other projects hosted by other countries.

In Latvia the enterprise was made possible with European Union program “Erasmus+” support.

The project was organized by RTU organization BEST-Riga.

We would like to thank Sigulda’s adventure park “Meža kakis” for cooperation, which allowed us to spend a day outdoors in an effective, interesting, active, and eco-friendly way.

Local BEST Engineering Competition

The Lisbon BEST Engineering Competition (LBEC) is a pioneering initiative of BEST Lisbon. Inspired by the success of the European Best Engineering Competition (EBEC), the LBEC applies the same format to a smaller scale competition, which counts with the collaboration of a single company that decides the format, the date and the theme of competition. The company can also choose its target audience, thus making LBEC a highly personalized service which allows students to involve themselves in an event where they take on challenges in their areas of interest, while developing solutions to real world problems and strengthening the relations between students and the company.

The competition format may be similar to the EBEC, ie, consisting of a Case Study, Team Design or any other format that the company proposes. In Case Study, teams of students are tested on their theoretical knowledge to find solutions to a proposed problem. In Team Design, teams are challenged to build a prototype to solve a problem of a technical nature, with a budget and limited resources. In both cases the duration of the competition is variable, usually taking either a morning or an afternoon.

Season Courses

In addition to the diversity of local events, BEST seasonally organizes short courses throughout Europe. Looking for an opportunity to visit the European city of your dreams? BEST has 33 member countries, 95 Local BEST Groups and thousands of students who, like you, have their sights set on Europe. The 4 seasons accompany the 4 opportunities, per year, that you have to live this experience:

  • Autumn Season
  • Winter Season
  • Spring Season
  • Summer Season

All courses have an academic component, but also recreational activities that allow you to meet and interact with different cultures.

Regarding costs, your participation involves the payment of a fee (variable, with a maximum value of €45) which guarantees your accommodation, meals and transportation during the realization of events.