About EBEC

EBEC is a national engineering competition created by university students for university students. In this challenge your knowledge is put to proof through practical applications of the theory you acquired.

The competition is divided into two categories: Case Study and Team Design. In both categories you have the opportunity to put into practise what you have learnt, by solving real problems and creating prototypes.

The participants have to form teams of four students, and each participating team has the unique opportunity to develop both theoretical, technical and teamwork skills. You will feel a very characteristic friendly competitiveness spirit among all the teams, but most important is the satisfaction of accomplishing your final goal, and making headway in the competition.

Engineering competitions have been part of BEST’s culture since 2002, and BEST Lisboa organized the first ever engineering competition in Portugal, back in 2004. This year, the first edition of EBEC, a spinoff of EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition), is taking place in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romenia, among other countries.

The first stage of EBEC takes place in Instituto Superior Técnico, on 17th and 18th March, and registrations will be open between 19th February and 3rd March.


  • Case Study

    In the Case Study category the teams have the opportunity to analyse and solve a problem based on a real situation. To do that, the participants have access to several research tools and realistic resources and they have to present a solution in 24 hours. The solution should be able of being applied by a company or organization. This challenges could be, for instance, plan the logistics needed to implement a solar panel network, to provide energy to a small city, or create an airport. Many companies have demonstrated interest for this category of the Engineering competitions, that contribute to the continuous development of the presented cases.


    Filipe Gomes
    McKinsey Representative
    Simão Freire
    McKinsey Representative
  • Team Design

    In the Team Design category, the goal is to project and construct a prototype, with limited materials, that follows the requirements of the presented problem. In 24 hours, the participants should plan an efficient strategy, that leads to the resolution of the problem, and then, present it. Constructions of totally functional small elevating towers or hot air balloons were presented for several teams in the past editions of the Engineering competitions. With this challenge, it is pretended that the participants use their technical knowledge and their skills of problem solving and decision-making.


    Edgar Fernandes
    Teacher at Instituto Superior Técnico


EBEC is an Engineering competition organized by BEST, in which teams of 4 participants are put to the test in two categories: Case Study and Team Design. In Case Study teams must analyse a technical and/or logistical oriented problem and provide solutions. In the Team Design category, participants should build a prototype, with access to limited materials, that fulfills specific requirements.
EBEC is for all the students studying sciences and technology enrolled at the University of Lisbon.
Teams must be of 4 students of sciences and technologies of University of Lisbon, who should be present throughout the whole competition.
Team members can be from different courses and years.
The competition itself has a duration of 24 consecutive hours. There are also time periods assigned for workshops and projects presentations.
Participants are selected based on a team application which, depending on the category, are rated according to specific criteria defined by the organization. These are present in the regulations document, which you can find on the website.
Participation in EBEC does not exonerate from any academic duties.
No, participation in EBEC doesn’t grant ECTS.
If you don’t pick up your certificate at the closing ceremony, you can contact ebec-participants@best.ist.utl.pt, until the end of May, to arrange a time for you receival of the certificate, otherwise BEST Lisboa doesn’t take any responsibilities regarding this.
Participants must pay a caution deposit of 20€ (5€ per person) for any possible damages made and for insurance of the participation of the team in the event. Payment must be done up to 4 days after the team’s participation in the competition is confirmed. The deposit caution will be returned at the end of the competition, unless your team is responsible for damages. You can check the regulations on the website.
The payment of the caution deposit should be made to “Grupo Local BEST Lisboa”.
Participants must not leave the University during the 24 hours of competition, which will be spent inside the Civil Building at IST (Alameda campus). Leaving the building unexcused will result in disqualification from the competition. If necessary participants should contact the organization.
Yes, but you will only be accepted in one category.
We encourage the reading of the regulation of the competition, which you can find in the website. Not complying with these rules within it may result in a score penalty or even disqualification. Depending on the situation, the team may even lose the deposit.
Yes, all meals will be provided by BEST Lisbon. You’ll receive two main meals (lunch and dinner) as well as reinforcements and coffee breaks, which you’ll be permanently in a room
In the Case Study category, you’ll have access to a Welcome Kit with all the materials that you’ll be needing. For the Team Design category, you’ll have access to a store where you can “buy” the materials for the construction of the prototypes. This “purchase” of the materials will be done using points, so you’ll have to manage your resources in the best possible way in order to spend the least possible.
Yes, you’ll receive a t-shirt and a nametag, that you’ll have to use throughout the competition.
All materials required for the competition will be provided by BEST Lisbon. However, remember to bring comfortable and warm clothing.
In the Team Design category, the use of personal goods that allow access to external information (such as mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, etc.) is prohibited during the competition. In the Case Study category, the use of personal property is allowed, however, it is expressly prohibited the contact with the outside.
Yes. There will no specific times to stop during the 24 hours of the competition, so each team decides their own time management.
Yes. You can go to the store (if you’re in the Team Design category) and to the Fun Room.
The Fun Room is a room where you can go chill, get to know the other participants and where the coffee breaks will be at all times.
No. The competitions last 24 hours and it’s mandatory to stay in the competition during that time.
The projects will be evaluated according to the criteria on the script, which will be provided at the beginning of the competition.
The Jury will be professors of the University of Lisbon and/or partners of BEST Lisbon.
The document of the regulations is available on the website,
You can apply for the competition here.
The schedule of the competition is available on website.
Yes, each team is responsible for removing their prototype from the place where the evaluations are carried out.




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